An Insight into the Life of Jadejha Edwards: An Accomplished Businesswoman and Influencer

Childhood trauma can leave a lasting effect on an individual’s life. The claws of past trauma cling onto the very core and leave a lasting impact as one enters adulthood. Loneliness, shame and guilt, impaired social skills, and other issues like depression and anxiety leave you asunder and utterly broken. It becomes challenging to determine the future for an individual who has to grow up in an unstable environment. Nonetheless, you truly prosper and grow when you break away from the shackles of your past demons.

One such example is Jadejha Edwards, a renowned businesswoman and an influencer who survived a traumatic childhood and is thriving in life. She is determined and works hard to achieve her life goals while climbing the corporate ladder.

Jadejha’s life was a life of tests and tribulations. Growing up in an unstable family dynamic, she survived all sorts of abuses, including drugs and a tumultuous relationship with her parents. A real turning point in Jadejha’s life was when she joined a Starting Right, Now (SRN) program in Tampa, providing a safe space for homeless youth and helping them overcome their struggles. With this support program, she began a new life, motivating her to follow her dreams and live the life she deserved. Fighting against all odds, she enrolled at the University of South Florida.

Edwards had the privilege of working as a security engineer. This working experience allowed her to adapt to various environments and taught her practical skills, including SIEMs, troubleshooting, IAM, and coding, among others. She also initiated an online mentorship program,’ Joned,’ to help individuals with zero prior knowledge break into tech.

Aside from being a tech expert, she has initiated several forums to engage in humanitarian activities. A proud advocate of women’s rights, she created a women-empowering Facebook group called Ladies First which has helped many young girls realize their true potential and succeed in life. Sharing real-life stories of women and connecting them through the group, she has truly encouraged women and motivated them to stand tall and strong amidst adversities.

Today, she is not just a voice for the downtrodden but also a content creator. Jadejha has fantastic plans for the future, such as growing her YouTube channel and talking more about women and how they can live the lives they desire while maintaining their femininity. In addition, she has effectively fused travel, adventure, and, of course, tech harmoniously. And as a result, she has become a successful content creator who continues to inspire and help others achieve their dream goals.

Follow her on Instagram @itsjadejha to learn more about fitness, lifestyle, cyber security, and traveling.

Kate Walker
Kate Walker is an educator, entrepreneur, and Writer and she has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from an American University. Belonging from Washington DC, Kate has a vast experience in Digital marketing and she helps people and small businesses to boost their sales by providing services like SEO and copywriting. In her former life, she worked as a freelance writer and author in News Week and many major Publications. Currently, she is working as a full-time marketing advisor for the small businesses.

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