A Day Out with the Dog Breeder and Content Creator, Mo Shaikh

We were in his newly-purchased Lamborghini Huracan, driving to one of his first ever businesses, Cell ER. That business possesses significant importance in the life of Mo Shaikh and for many ambitious people out there who are dreaming of starting their own business. The reason is simple: Cell ER is the first stepping-stone in Mo’s transformation from an employee to a serial entrepreneur. He had bought it in his 20s from all of his savings and now is a leading venture in the industry.

Scattered across Texas, Cell ER comprises around 8 locations that provide effective repairing services to the people of the town. Mo pays daily visits to all of his businesses, often starting with Cell ER, and asks his employees about their well-being and routine proceedings at the facility. We got an opportunity to hop on with him on one of his visits, and for some reason, we were not surprised to see exactly what we had learned about him.

Brimming with the youthful energy and charisma of a serial entrepreneur, Mo is an extremely down-to-earth person. He looks after all his employees like friends and visits the businesses running under his watch to encourage his team to chase the goals set for the day. He says though he can do this from the comfort of his bedroom, the daily interaction with employees and his physical appearance give him entrepreneurial satisfaction and boosts his team’s performance.

“I like to stay very present in each of my businesses, even though most can be led virtually. I have a very specific hands-on, boots-on-the-ground mentality and I like alongside my employees on projects,” says Mo.

Later in the day, over a cup of coffee, he shared that he undertook an entrepreneurial role at the expense of college education because he had dreams of plucking the best out of life. “You see, I haven’t had an ideal childhood. My parents used to do different odd jobs just to keep our house running while I and my siblings helped with bills. So it was my dream since then that one day, I would make that happen for me, for all of us. I knew sooner or later it would happen, and now I love seeing it unfolding right in front of my eyes each and every day.”

On our way to visit FrenchBabyBullz, a dog breeding business also owned by Mo, he met a few real estate clients to discuss some projects and properties. Mo also runs a real estate company, French Bulldog Builders, and now owns multiple properties worth thousands across the country. He said the origin of all of his businesses is, before anything else, his interest in that particular field.

When we finally reached a big kennel-like building of FrenchBabyBullz, he was warmly welcomed by staff members outside. However, the scenes inside were a bit more intense. A bunch of bulldogs came rushing toward Mo, hopped into his lap and began kissing him while he patted their backs and caressed their chins. It dawned upon us at that moment that the love Mo has enveloped for dogs since his childhood has been reciprocated manifold.

His kind and soft conduct, along with many other loveable traits, have won hearts and attention from all across the world. Until the next time he appears on this page, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Eric Pagan
With vast experience managing editorial teams, Eric brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the editorial part of the platform, he contributes his insights and strategies for it’s growth.

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