Over a Century in Business and Still Going Strong – The Rise of Chris Martin’s Company GlenMartin

When it comes to establishing a business, hard work and dedication are the prerequisites to acquiring fruitful results. Establishing a business is undoubtedly not a walk in the park, and turning it into a success can be even more difficult. There are many trials and obstacles an entrepreneur has to overcome as they push themselves to do better for their business. And with over 100 years of success, GlenMartin has proven that these attributes lead to fruitful and bounteous results.

GlenMartin started as a small blacksmith shop in the countryside of Missouri in 1918. Back then, a humble welding shop run by William Christopher Martin named the establishment after himself and his sons. W.C. Martin and Son Machine Shop and Welding began to expand as it took on a life of its own. When the time came for William to retire, his son Robert Martin inherited the company. The business has remained within the family, with the present-day Head Chief Officer being Chris Martin.

Morphing into a tool-and-die organization changed the course of direction for the company. To give a brief overview, the manufacturing of gauges, cutting and machine tools, molds, and fixtures fell under the term tool-and-die. With the slow and sure rise of machines becoming a part of everyday lives, these products were in high demand by companies creating more significant and more sophisticated machinery. That isn’t to say GlenMartin was left behind in the race to develop advanced infrastructure. The company won contract after contract to produce top machinery that produced appliances for the ever-growing American middle-class families. The company was on the road to success and recognition, from crock pots and toasters to George Foreman cookers we built the machinery that produced these famous products.

In 1980, a new branch, GlenMartin Engineering, Inc., was launched to advance toward telecommunication towers and structures. The company developed a product known as the Hazer, an appliance used to easily transport antennas up and down a tower. In the late 1980s, the creation of the Aluminum Foldover Tower revolutionized the industry; not only was it lightweight and easy to install and assemble, but it could also be reused and recycled once it had served its purpose. Seeing the benefits of the construction, Surface Systems International was quick to ask for 50+ towers across the midwest and northern states; now we find 1000’s of these sites distributed across federal and state highways monitoring surface weather roadway conditions.

The rise in telecommunications propelled Chris and his brothers to take the helm of the family business. The many years of experience gained from domestic and international infrastructure development meant that the brothers would pave the way for GlenMartin’s continued success. In 2010, Chris Martin along with three other partners founded a fiber transport company BlueBird Network – now one of the largest fiber transport providers in the US Midwest.

All four brothers have developed successful elements of the GlenMartin dream. Slowly but surely the little welding shop is growing into something the late William Martin had never dreamed of becoming.

Eric Pagan
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