Mental Health Speaker Rahul Maharaj Wants People to Share Their Mental Illnesses, Success Stories, and Everything in Between, Here’s Why


“You don’t lock yourself in a room filled with toxic gas, do you?” asks Rahul Maharaj, a renowned mental health speaker. Of course not. And we know the why – it’s an instant killer!

Likewise, our toxic experiences are akin to that poisonous gas that keeps mounting inside our bodies daily, all without ever ringing an alarm bell. In many cases, we don’t even realize something catastrophic is brewing until it reaches its boiling point. And when it does, we run pillar to post to find a place or person to let all the toxicity evaporate out of us and find ourselves back to normal.

“But many are not fortunate to enjoy the luxury of venting their toxicity out,” says Rahul Maharaj. 

This results in an inevitable tragedy of a person falling prey to loneliness, depression, or other mental disorders, sometimes leading to self-inflicted injury or suicide. “That’s an unfortunate reality. Many people do survive, somehow, but the fact is that number is extremely low when compared to those catching a mental illness,” said Rahul. 

Part of the reason, according to Rahul, is our society doesn’t consider mental illness as an actual illness. It is rather considered a lack of motivation, laziness, some mood swings, or worse of all, ‘a choice.’

“You see, no one ‘chooses’ to look like a failure or a wasted being. And depression, stress, or loneliness are never choices, but instead, these are symptoms of appalling mental health. We need to understand that and support such people in specific ways,” Rahul further adds. 

One solution is to start a conversation about these problems. That way, those suffering from anxiety or depression can feel a connection with others and break out of their lonely camp. The feeling of shame and guilt associated with mental discomfort could also be mitigated or eradicated completely. This will ultimately lead to a supportive environment for people who want to share their traumatic experiences but lack the courage and opportunity to do so. 

“Through my show, Your Life Experiences With Rah, I have come to know that people want to share their bad experiences, and I have been both lucky and proud to provide them a safe space for that. I also have seen the impact sharing problems, specifically mental problems, can have on society. I get messages all the time like Rahul, thank you for sharing this story or that because it was relevant to me and now I feel I can improve too,” shared Mr. Maharaj. 

It’s scientifically proven that even just talking about what’s internally bothering us can significantly improve our physical health. It reduces stress and emotional distress and strengthens the immune system. It’s never a sign of weakness but rather a sign of bravery because it takes courage to open up about our negative emotions. 

Rahul Maharaj knows the significance of opening up about mental illnesses and success stories of people surmounting these illnesses and hence, accentuates the environment where people are not ashamed of their past or present. Maybe it’s about time we disburden ourselves and lose our negative energies all at once!      


Girish Bales
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