YouTube Content Creator Eric Castellano Shares How His Life Changed into What It Is Today

Life is full of challenges and hardships. Only people who are able to face these hurdles become successful in life. Eric Castellano is a content creator and mentor who overcame hurdles in life to become an inspiring figure. He is the CEO of AmazonLit and owns a top third-party company on Amazon. 

Eric’s entrepreneurial journey was full of ups and downs. He began his career at a young age with only a few bucks in his pocket. Eric has always been ambitious who believed in hard work and dedication. He learned about business through his own small startup. He gained knowledge about demand and supply, dealing with vendors, managing employees, etc. 

As a young adult, Eric was a victim of substance abuse that degraded his health. His business also suffered from financial loss that eventually led him to sleep on friends’ couches and in his car. This loss did not demotivate him to pursue his goals. Eric decided to turn his life around by going through a major personal development. He worked hard to maintain the physical, mental, and spiritual health that helped him in developing positivity, and increase his self-esteem to take on life with confidence. He started aligning his hustles with a positive mindset that resulted in his success. 

Gaining success for Eric was not easy, but he was able to conquer it. Now, Eric is ready to inspire others and lead them under his mentorship. Eric became a mentor to educate people and coach them about different aspects of the business. He wants others to take his example of making mistakes and bad decisions to avoid any financial losses. 

AmazonLit is founded with the vision that every potential business owner gets the opportunity to grow their business under his mentorship. To facilitate people, Eric has launched the EsellersRI program. It is an Amazon FBA training and mentoring program that comprises all the advice and life experiences about Amazon sales and business to help new and existing sellers. Eric understands that Amazon lacks a consulting space that can lead business owners in the right direction. He is the perfect person who is working hard with his consulting agency to fulfill this gap. 

Eric’s life had many changes, and it is all due to his 8 years of experience with career and personal relationships. Eric sees success as his ability to face failures and learn from experience to grow as an individual and businessman. Instead of dwelling over his past mistakes, he proudly accepts them. He has learned to invest more by surrounding himself with a positive mindset and inner circles that can motivate him to explore more and gain knowledge. 

Content creator Eric is now posting videos on YouTube about his knowledge and experience as an Amazon distributor. He is optimistic that through his guidance, Amazon sellers all around the world can gain the confidence to make bold decisions to grow their businesses. 

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