Influencer Nikita Karizma on What Keeps Her Fashion Work Unique in the Competitive Fashion Industry

Almost every young designer who has opted to go it alone with their own label nowadays must have the phrase “leap of faith” engraved on their mind. 

Nikita Karizma, the designer behind the namesake high-end fashion brand, counts the minefields you’ll have to traverse in order to fly your own fashion flag. She highlights that you can enjoy the pure delight of creating exactly what you want and represent your aptitude through your creativity. However, you will have to labor around the clock to guarantee it’s done in a responsible and courteous manner. 

The designer label ‘Nikita Karizma’ is one of the most distinctive and innovative fashion houses in the league of fashion designers, with the visionary objective of encouraging women to light the world with their beautiful appearances. Nikita produces cutting-edge fashion apparel, accessories, and fashion and lifestyle items.

Nikita’s fashion pieces say a lot about the world, and about you. Her brand follows the ‘Expressed by You’ attitude in everything they offer at Nikita Karizma studio. She highlights the personalities of her audience through her exquisite pieces. Her designs reflect the confidence and self-assurance her clients carry while representing themselves in the world. 

Although Nikita is reaching astounding heights of fame in the competitive yet glamorous fashion world, there’s always that voice in her brain that tells her that if she should be creating anything, she should return the same value to the community and mother earth as well. Given the current state of the environment, the designer brand Nikita stands out as a zero-waste brand. She ensures that the spare fabric and leftovers are utilized to prepare recycled goods which the brand donates to the foster children in the United Kingdom. 

To protect the environment and ecosystem, the socially active designer has recently started a plantation program. In collaboration with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, the initiative seeks to plant 1 million trees. In order to advertise the project, Nikita and the foundation have also created an interesting Instagram filter. This year, they planted 100,000 trees and will continue to do so in order to meet their green objective. 


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